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 A Streamlined Documentation Process

Discover how one of the key components of our clients' success is our provision of tools and services that improve clinical documentation, coding, and billing. Medscripts Inc., in Wetumpka, Alabama, specializes in document creation and management technologies and offers platforms that fit almost any workflow. Our integrations enable clinical documentation specialists to create precise and complete documents for medical personnel using EHRs. Medscripts, Inc.'s improvement consulting services ensure that providers are reimbursed for the patient services they deliver.

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EHR Population with No Cutting & Pasting

Medscripts' integration services are effective tools to help physicians deliver records without productivity loss. Eliminate cutting, pasting, and physician data entry while safeguarding detailed and complete patient narratives.

More Efficient Transcription

Clinical documentation transcriptionists continue to transcribe or edit in document editors and word processors faster, more efficiently, and with fewer inaccuracies. Full patient narratives are automatically populated in the EHR, making adoption and use much easier and quicker.

Accurate Clinical Documentation

Medscripts completes the full spectrum of integrations from schedule interfaces to detailed EHR data infiltration. Interconnecting systems, data, documents, and reporting practices automate the medical care experience and allow for accurate exchange of information. Medscripts's integrations also include custom fields and special coding to filter detailed information into more EHR fields automatically.