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Solutions for Practitioners

MedScripts, Inc., offers EMR/EHR integration that benefits both the medical practice and the transcription service. This allows the physician and staff as well to save time and costs, and allows us to offer state-of-the-art EMR/EHR to any client with web access.

You may be one of a growing number of of physician practices demanding technological advancements from their transcription services. At MedScripts, Inc., in Birmingham, Alabama, we are committed, not just involved. The need for digital medical file transfer, better HIPAA security and privacy measures, and electronic delivery of completed documents are all requiring transcription companies to rethink the way they process dictation and transcription.

You will be pleased to know the team at MedScripts, Inc., recognizes these new challenges. We now offer a unique web-based system that provides our clients with an unprecedented level of security and functionality in managing dictation and transcription workflow. Additionally, our EMR platform will allow you to perform all document processing online via your web account.

You will be able to:

Edit | Print | Batch Print | Fax | E-Sign | Search | Finalize | Archive

Document Processing & HIPAA Compliance

You and your staff can process documents directly from your web account aligned to MedScripts, Inc.'s web-based platform. All user access to patient data is limited by user access levels set by administrative users. Each time patient data is accessed, it is captured and recorded in an audit trail specific to each document. The audit trail captures the date and time of access, along with the name of the user who requested access.


You will also be pleased to know the web-based system provides a HIPAA-compliant environment for document and audio file access and storage, including the use of 128-bit encryption for transmission and 256-bit encryption for storage of documents and audio files.

Client Support Services

You receive training on the tools we install. All providers and staff are trained in the use of the document management tools. In addition, live (web-based) training courses will be provided as needed. Managers may receive additional training in using administrative tools.