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About Us

MedScripts, Inc. is a medical transcription service that was established by Lisa Teasley and Nelda Teague.  We have been providing transcription services for more than 20 years. We realize that there is a great need for a quality medical transcription service, and now our company offers you - "One Simple Solution."

Young Medical Professional

A Vision for Better Service

More than 10 years ago, Lisa Teasley had a vision to streamline the creation of clinical information and unlock hidden value for both clinicians and patients. At the core of this vision was a secure, cloud-based clinical documentation platform that was easily integrated with primary health information systems—EHR, Practice Management, PACS, etc. Today the MedScripts platform fulfills that vision and also works toward speeding organizational compliance with major initiatives, such as HIPAA, Meaningful Use, and most recently, ICD-10.

Our Clients

Hospitals and medical practices use MedScripts' technologies and services to minimize disruption and maintain clinician productivity. EHR vendors can partner with MedScripts to ensure clinical document integrity and improvement. Our product evolution continues to remain in step with our customers—or a step ahead—with a key emphasis on anticipating their future needs for solutions.

The Company

MedScripts currently serves medical professionals nationwide. MedScripts Medical Transcription Service, Inc., is a privately held, health care technology company based in the Greater Montgomery, Alabama area. We have been involved in developing a proprietary cloud-based platform that centers on medical documentation solutions, to deliver physician-narrated content to the electronic health record. The MedScripts, Inc., platform offers total solutions for:

Dictation | Transcription | Voice Recognition | Document Management | Health Care Information Exchange | Reporting with Data Analytics